65+ / Medicare

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Turning 65 soon?  Already on Medicare?

Either way – we will work wonders for you.  And whatever you do – don’t buy your Medicare insurance via the internet or an 800#.  It does not do our communities any good.

At Baywood, we do Medicare plans right.  We take joint ownership of the process with you, we lead you and educate you - at your speed – so that you can make smart, informed decisions.  We don’t rush.

About 50% of our business is from persons who are already on Medicare and who either didn’t understand what they bought &/or were not presented with competitive options.  Some brokers are only licensed with 1 carrier and at that – are only licensed for the Medicare Supplemental Plans...and they are not licensed for Medicare Advantage or Part D plans. So - some brokers will only present and sell you the Medicare Supplemental for which they are licensed– and then push you to a website to buy the Part D Plan (they do this because they are lazy, and because Part D plans are cheap and as the saying goes “there’s no money in it”).  Well - we are licensed with all the major, competitive carriers for all the products – Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D – Prescription Drug Plans, as well as Medicare Supplemental Plans.  No short cuts or laziness here!

Our services are free to you.  We are compensated by the Insurance Company.  The amount of compensation is approximately the same from each insurance company, so we are not biased toward any specific insurance company for compensation.  Also, whether you buy direct from an insurance company, or buy over the internet or an 800# - or whether you buy from me – you will pay the same amount.  This is all true.

Call me or e-mail me, to put me to work for you.  You’ll be glad you did.